to provide nutrients needed to grow and thrive

breastfeeding support

Here at Doulas of Las Vegas we offer in-home and in-office breastfeeding support. You will meet with one of our Certified Lactation Counselors who will observe a feeding, check baby's latch, and make suggestions or offer referrals as needed. We provide the support and encouragement you need to have a successful breastfeeding relationship. Breastfeeding doesn't come easy for everyone so we recommend planning ahead and scheduling your first in-home visit as soon as you give birth or shortly after. If your baby is already here and you need our support, reach out as soon as possible to get any issues resolved. 

Home or office visit: $125
Follow-up: $60

We provide assistance with:

  • latching issues
  • comfortable position suggestions
  • recognizing hunger cues
  • sore nipples or discomfort
  • engorgement
  • guidance on what to expect with newborn nursing patterns
  • guidance on how to identify baby is getting enough
  • pumping and storage

Breastfeeding Education

Your Breastfeeding Experience
We will supply you with facts and information to help make your breastfeeding experience a memorable one. During this interactive class we will discuss latch and positioning, how much to feed your baby and when to do so, how to know they are getting enough, what to expect as a breastfeeding mother and much more. A must for first time parents. Your partner is welcome to join in on this class!

Class is held the third Tuesday of each month from 6:00pm-9:00pm